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Case Study: Omni Gear & Machine

How a manufacturing business partnered up with Digimite

Getting the Business There

Omni Gear & Machine Corp, a company that creates custom industrial gears, is equipped with the most advanced manufacturing software and accounting platform in the industry. But it didn’t get there overnight.

“Four years ago, we did not have any decent records, other than an accounting program that was nothing but income and receipts,” said Keith Mellen, Co-owner of Omni Gear. “But our bank wanted a more detailed picture.”


New Infrastructure and Beyond

The bank was able to recommend a software program that documented inventory and purchase numbers. But when it came to provisioning, managing, and monitoring the system, Mellen was on his own–until he found Digimite.

Digimite was able to integrate the software by installing new infrastructure throughout the facility which enables Omnigear to enter and collect all of the required data. To make sure everything runs smoothly, Digimite also monitors the server, backs ups, ensures security compliance, and communication services.


State-of-the-Art Software

Still, perhaps the biggest upgrade Digimite provided was installing the manufacturing software and integrating it with accounting for speedy and efficient financial visibility.

“I don’t think we would have been able to install [the software] and get it up and running without somebody to do it with us,” Mellen said. “[It] has allowed us to grow by getting us to know what we have here.”

For example, Omni Gear’s bank now has all of the information it needs to rest assured that the company is on the right track. Before Digimite, Mellen had no way to report on key metrics such as the raw vs. finished product, or AP/AR.

“Now, the bank can know right away,” he said. “When they go to the loan committee, they can review the numbers, and when we request a loan, there is no problem.”


Growth – Setting the Stage

Looking ahead, Digimite is now working with Omni Gear on installing the next phase of modules, specifically, a scheduling program. Which will allow Omni Gear to burden production six months in advance and give customers a truer lead time.

“We can tell exactly what the flow is and where the sticking points are,” Mellen said. “We may find out the Mill is the sticking point or may need to buy another Mill. That will definitely help in the future.”

With these upgrades, Omni Gear is in the perfect position to drive 15-20 percent growth in the next five years, taking the company from the $3.5 million mark to the $5 million mark. And with Digimite to back them up, Mr. Mellen knows he has the support he needs to run his 20,000-square-foot workspace.

“It’s a one stop shop for us,” Mellen said. “[Digimite] lets us concentrate on what we do best. They do IT; we make gears. We don’t have to worry about anything else.”

“It’s a one stop shop for us, [Digimite] lets us concentrate on what we do best. They do IT; we make gears. We don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Keith Mellen

Co-Owner, Omni Gear & Machine Corp.