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Managed Services

Our Managed Services allow businesses to control costs while still making continuous improvements in their service platform delivery as our Engineers monitor, manage, and support their enterprise


Out of our North America Network Operations Center, we monitor, manage, and support:

  • Servers – various platforms
  • Back End Systems and Applications – industry standard and proprietary
  • Mail Systems – Exchange and Linux based
  • Routers/Switches/Firewalls
  • Mobile Devices and Users
  • Desktops/Laptops – multi OS
  • Printers
  • Helpdesk – Users and Daily Applications
  • Security – Enterprise Antivirus and End User Devices

Digimites Managed Services Platform gives our partners faster and greater visibility into every aspect of their infrastructure. We have the capacity to report on key metrics which help us make appropriate recommendations, as well as assist our clients in their short and long term technology planning.

24/7 – We actively monitor, track, and report on:

  • Critical application service availability and up time
  • Server health, availability, and up time
  • Specific process monitoring and uptime (PID, port, executable, etc.)
  • Network up time and utilization

Every Digimite engineer has spent significant time in their career in a helpdesk role. We understand how critical it is to keep both your customer facing and internal personnel working on a steady and optimal platform.

We strive to make ourselves immediately available for end user support via toll free numbers, email distribution, and even allow for ticket creation right from our system tray agent.

Keeping your workforce productive with their technology is key. We deliver support. Fast.

Monthly – we report on:

  • Tickets opened, closed
  • Desktop management – applications updates, security updates, antivirus
  • Mobile management – email and security
  • Repeat issues – resolutions

Based off these reports, we are quickly able to deploy future measures to mitigate repeat tickets and give insight into what parts of the end user infrastructure needs attention.


Digimite had proudly partnered with Bitdefender Enterprise Security and provides this solution included in every client device as well as server under our Managed Services platform.

In addition to standard security measures, Digimites Managed Services Platform has capacities to prevent removable media usage on client devices as well as lock and/or wipe mobile devices in case they’re lost or stolen.



Projects and Consulting

Our clients rely on us for successful migrations and upgrades of legacy systems to alight with current industry standards.

Migrations and upgrades:

  • Windows platform systems
  • Database – SQL
  • Legacy and current OS
  • Mail and Exchange
  • Desktop OS upgrades
  • Linux

Our team can help with upgrade paths and implementation of various application systems. This includes Microsoft products, proprietary applications, as well as middleware, databases, web, and mobile apps.

  • PL/SQL
  • Ruby/Rails
  • Groovy/Grails
  • C++, Java, PHP, and Python
  • TOAD – Oracle
  • Oracle Fusion
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Apache Tomcat, Jasig CAS
  • Red Hat Enterprise

Over the years, Digimite has provided a number of customers with added visibility and insight into their existing infrastructure to help root cause analysis and system evaluations.

Previous projects include:

  • Security and exposure audits
  • Breech and penetration
  • License compliance
  • Hardware warranty
  • Energy usage