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Case Study: Scientel Wireless

How a technology services business partnered up with Digimite

Build a Robust IT Operation

Since 2005, Scientel Solutions has been providing Internet access for state and local government municipalities across the nation. By connecting traffic stations, pump stations, irrigation systems, and other facilities, the company gives its customers the ability to own and operate their own broadband networks.

To be sure it could support 12 servers, 50 users, and counting, Scientel Wireless was under pressure to build a more robust IT operation.

“When you’re small you do what you can, but as we get bigger, our IT staff needs to focus on our customers,” said Nelson Santos, President and Co-owner of the company. ”If something would happen when they are not around, we have to support that. So now we have Digimite.”


“Digimite Does Everything”

From fixing a wonky printer to installing a new server, Digimite does it all while Santos and his colleagues can focus on generating revenue for the business.

For instance, Digimite facilitated a major infrastructure upgrade, assigning someone to act as chief architect and recommend the configuration that was best for Scientel’s customers.

“Digimite does everything,” Santos reiterated. “They updated our domain controllers, updated our servers, implemented virtual environment VMWare, and provide level one and two support for all of our users.”


Software Updates

Most recently, Digimite has taken the lead in upgrading Scientel’s accounting software package with a company called Sickch.

“The accounting system is fairly complex, with SQL servers, the front end using SharePoint [a team collaboration tool] and the connection of all databases,” Santos said. “When they have technical requirements or need to know how internal servers are doing… Digimite represents our main IT resource.”


Personal Service at an Affordable Price

“We didn’t just hand it to Digimite,” Santos said. “We looked at three different companies, and at the end of the day, everyone felt comfortable with Digimite. The price was competitive, we felt they would be more responsive, they were capable, and we knew what we would get.”

In fact, Santos found that working with Digimite is 200% cheaper than hiring adequate in-house IT managers–and it provides more resources and robust coverage.

“I look at Digimite like it’s a part of Scientel,” Santos said. “If anyone has questions about our infrastructure, connecting to a customer site, or supporting our accounting software, even though we don’t have an internal IT department—that’s Digimite.”