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Case Study: Trimarco, Radencich LLP

How an accounting business partnered up with Digimte

Handling the IT Side

For accounting firm, Trimarco Radencich, LLC, strong client relationships and rapid response times are two of the biggest markers of success. As such, any downtime–especially during tax season—is unacceptable.

When the company was just starting out, Managing Partner George Trimarco was able to handle the maintenance of the billing software and server, ensuring system stability so that all audits and reviews were conducted and delivered efficiently. But as the business started to grow, he needed reinforcements.

“Through the years it got more and more complex, and we didn’t have the time,” Trimarco said. “Our goal is service clients and make money, not work on IT.”

That’s when he found out that Digimite could handle every technological request his company had–from day-to-day helpdesk requests, to backend systems monitoring and management.

“You think you could get by with a new grad, but that doesn’t work,” Trimarco said. “Digimite works with other accounting firms and knows our type of business.”


24/7 Monitoring and Emergency Response

“Digimite is our IT department,” Trimarco said. “Everything is under their guise. They monitor our servers on a 24-hour basis. If there is a problem or something isn’t working, they can fix it offsite.”

For instance, during tax season, Trimarco Radencich lost some data, and they needed to recover it. Fast. Digimite was able to immediately retrieve the information, saving the firm potentially $2,000-worth of lost time.


High Availability

Additionally, Digimite monitors the company’s email server, which is basically the lifeline of Trimarco Radencich. “If our email goes down we can’t operate,” Trimarco said. “Everything is email.” Along with being on-call to fix issues as needed, Digimite also anticipates any future problems that might occur, and course-corrects by making adjustments and updates to the environment.



“Digimite provides us a competitive edge in technology without the cost burden of a full-time IT person or department.” Trimarco said, noting that the partnership is saving his company almost $30,000 a year.

In fact, Digimite’s service has been so beneficial that Trimarco recommends the IT company not just to other tenants in his office building, but also to his own clients.

“Digimite provides us a competitive edge in technology without the cost burden of a full-time IT person or department.”

George Trimarco

Managing Partner, Trimarco Radencich LLP