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Case Study: Ultimate Team Posters

How a retail business partnered up with Digimte

Producing Results on Time

Ultimate Team Posters is the quintessential mobile business. Comprised of over 100 photographers, designers, and marketers, the company’s mission is to travel to sports tournaments across the nation and deliver custom team posters that make every athlete feel like a superstar. But without an internal IT department, Founder Chad Scott was faced with a big challenge: How could he make sure everyone was working in sync and producing results on time?

That’s where Digimite came in.


From Paper to Digital

“They flew their entire staff out to shadow every piece of the business and find what areas they could improve,” Scott said.

These improvements started with creating a mobile order platform that could compile data in a high-paced, intense environment.

“In the past everything was on paper, and people were losing information,” Scott said. “They came in and built a 100% tailored form that can read our schedules, siphon the names of the teams, and order by selecting the team. It was life-changing.”


Replacing Five Full-Time Hires

Especially as Ultimate Team Posters continues to grow, having an on-call IT team is invaluable. Currently, they’re operating in 25 locations each weekend, and saving the cost of hiring a full-time IT person to handle support functions. But once they start hitting 100 locations every week, Digimite will be doing the work of what could’ve been five full-time hires.

“We’re pioneering an industry. To do that, you need people in the team that really get it,” Scott said. “They really get it. Digimite knows what it means to have the most cutting edge technology. In our world, that’s revolutionary.”